As you align your intentions, hit your renewal button by allowing us to fulfill your body and soul. As your body speaks, LISTEN. As you listen, allow us to do the work.


La'Sonia Nicole Salon and Spa, LLC is a full service salon and spa with an emphisis on natural care for women, men and children of all ages.

We welcome you to be a guest in our home where you are able to RELAX your MIND, RENEW your SPIRIT, REJUVENATE your SOUL, RELIEVE your TENSION, RELEASE your STRESS, RESTORE your APPEARANCE and REFRESH YOURSELF as a WHOLE.

La'Sonia Nicole would like to welcome and introduce

Saturday Morning




8:00 a.m.


Sounja Gillespie


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Best. Facial. Ever!!!!
Tevera Horsey
This is a message of Thanks and Gratitude to the La Sonia Nicole Salon and Spa! First I simply say thank you and I was wrong! I must say that I judged this salon according to the reviews I read...on Groupon and Yelp...
The lesson learned for me in this situation, is that you cannot judge a business by everything read in a review. Evidenced by my behavior after purchasing a groupon before reading the reviews, however long story short...I decided to cancel the appointment with all parties involved. The owner of the salon and I discussed why the cancellation, and needless to say the owner offered a complimentary visit to the salon, in which i arrived late. The complimentary visit was an opportunity to see the salon and experience its energy! Oh Boy was I in for a treat! The salons decor was absolutely beautiful, the atmosphere was zen with amazing energy from the therapist who performed the spa treatments.
Speaking of Spa Treatments..... the facial and massage was phenomenal... I recommend this salon and spa to anyone who wants to have a calm, peaceful, relaxing, and competent spa experience! The energy of this spa was genuinely honest and wholesome, I left having my expectation met of the ultimate spa experience!!!!!!!!!! Thank You, Thank You, Thank You for meeting my expectations of a spectacular spa experience....see you soon Tevera!

July 31 at 11:21am


Great facial, massage and manicure & pedicure.



La'Sonia Nicole Salon and Spa, LLC is encompassed with over thirty years of esthetics and massage therapy experience.


The ladies who gave the massage & facial were so nice, so sweet.




 We have more than 15 years of hair care experience.


Sabrina T.

Severn, MD

I have been a client of O'Naturale for over 3 years. Although I did not do the BC,I started with short hair, gradually fully transitioning to 100% natural. As one of those women who rarely has a style in mind when I go to the salon, I trusted La'Sonia from my very first visit to maintain and style me however she chose as I started my natural journey. I changed the color of my hair for the first time ever in life under La'Sonia. My hair is as strong and thick as ever. She has done my 6 year old daughter's hair for the last two years. We have never had the same style twice from coils, two strands, press and curl, flat twists, Mohawks, and the list goes on. I ALWAYS received compliments on my hair styles and have referred several people to her.

I have recently moved to Germany, and upon finding a stylist here, she asked me what products I used because she was so surprised at the strength of my hair, especially since its colored. I attribute the growth of my hair to the hands of La'Sonia. So much so, I will not color my hair again until I return to the US just so my stylist can do it! I cannot wait until I'm back in the US for good so I can get her hands in my hair again!






This was so romantic a d wonderful. The staff was friendly and and made us feel like we owned the place... We will be back soon! Best way to spend a Saturday ever!

They where great and very accommodating

The individual was very knowledgeable about pressure points, massage etc. (reflexology). Massage was incredible. :)

I had a manipedi, facial, & massage. Each clinician did a good job, especially the massage therapist. It was a wonderful 3+ hours and a great deal with the Groupon. However, the normal prices seems very high to me comparing them to others.

Not bad for a new business that had some problems getting off of the ground. After two cancellations, I could have had my money refunded, but I decided to be patient. The massage therapist was different in that he was also considered a "healer." The massage strokes that he used were not to my liking at first, and I told him so and he switched to traditional strokes. By the end of the massage, he was providing the strokes that I was used to. The lady who did my facial was wonderful. The manicurist was good, but I had to tell her that I actually wanted a manicure with cutices removed, as she basically removed my polish and was about to put the gel on it without doing the "manicure" part. All were very nice and they just needed to get used to me and how I like things done. I will return.